December Favorites



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Okay, I know I’m way behind on this one, everyone has been raving about this book series and TV series for a while. I had actually bought this about a year ago and just never had time to read it. Well, it just so happened to be the 1st book my book club chose. And now I’m mad I didn’t pick it up sooner. Love, Love, Love it!!! I can’t wait to review this for guys here soon <3

Fuzzy House Socks


Living in Michigan has been quite a change, especially now that we’re in winter. It’s obviously a lot colder here than it was in Mississippi and one thing that has helped is fuzzy house socks. They’re basically all I wear, even outside of the house. They are so comfy and make me feel so cozy when its cold and snowy outside. One of my friends sent me this pair as a Christmas present, and I think they’re my new favorite pair. I mean it’s pandas, how can you not love them??

Scotty Mug


So holidays are over now, but I’m using this mug. I love Scotties and this was just too cute to resist buying for myself. Anything with dogs on them make smile to be honest.

Starbucks Caramel Brulee Drink

Just writing this makes me sad because this flavor is gone now, and I miss it so bad! What was your favorite Starbucks holiday drink?

White Christmas


I’m so thankful and blessed that I was able to spend Christmas in Denver with my dad and his wife. Funnily enough, we had even seen snow on the ground yet, even though we live in Michigan now. The best part was spending Christmas day in a cabin in the Rockies. And it snowed all day! I couldn’t believe it! It was so beautiful, and it was my 1st white Christmas in a long time.

Fairy Lights


I don’t know why we waited so long to buy fairy lights, we absolutely love them. We strung them across our headboard and use them every night. The cast a magical glow across the room make it extra comfy and homey.

Letting Go

So I have been working as Infant and Toddler Caregiver at a local Montessori Daycare since September. I truly enjoyed the work and all the kids I was lucky enough to take care of everyday. However, I managed to stay sick (I mean really sick) through out the whole time I worked. I had fevers weekly, was in and out of urgent care, and basically spent my free time in bed crying. I do have an autoimmune disorder, and while I was aware it would have an effect on me, I didn’t realize how much. So after suffering for months, I finally decided to put myself first and put in my two weeks notice. It’s scary to be with out a job, but I have already noticed an improvement in my health so it was well worth it!

What were your December favorites? I would love to know how your holidays were too! Talk to me in comments below and please like, share, and follow <3

Top Ten New Year Resolutions

I hate the word resolution, so instead I want to say these are my 2016 goals. I love making goals to complete each year. I usually don’t complete them all, but it gives me something to strive for and to make myself better.

Here are my 10 Goals:

  1. Read 35 Books: I read 30 books out of my goal of 50 in 2015. I’m hoping this will be a more reachable goal this year.
  2. Finish my course and begin making some side money as a freelancer
  3. Go on at least 1 vacation this year (not family related)
  4. Write down what I’m thankful for every day, I’ve been struggling a little lately and I think this is a great way to help me see the positive in every day.
  5. Write and publish on this blog at least once a week, I’m going to try to be more consistent
  6. Finish at National Novel Writing Month, even if it is one of the camps. If you have never heard of this you should really look it up. It’s a lot of fun!
  7. Buy a home! This is looking less and less possible as time goes on, but I still think it’s possible to happen before the year is done.
  8. Work out at least once a week
  9. Paint at least 1 canvas
  10. Finish 1 knitting project

*Bonus: I would like to learn a new skill. I’m not sure what will be yet, but I think it’s important to be constantly learning :)

Let me know what some your goals are for this year, I would love to know! I hope you’re all having a good new year so far, and I’m excited to see where it will take us!

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Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara Review*

*I received this product in return for an honest review via Influenster.

It’s the week after Christmas and I know that most you received some holiday cash that you’re ready to spend! So today I’ll let you know if the Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara is worth the splurge or not. I was very excited when this baby arrived in my mailbox and I literally ran straight to the mirror to try it out.


The Unboxing

First though, I want to talk about the packaging.  It’s very sleek, all black, and has an edgy feel to it. It looks like a luxury product should, and it feels sturdy and well made. So I give an A+ for packaging and looks.


Beautiful Packaging

However, it felt like the mascara itself was lackluster and sadly disappointing. I understand that this is marketed as a volumizing mascara, and promises to do nothing more. However, for the price I feel like the quality of the actually product is less than satisfactory. It volumized my lashes, but it barely lengthened them. And the worst part is that its clumpy and hard to build on top of. And it also flakes at the end of the day. I expected more and unfortunately feel like my L’oreal Manga mascara does a much better job, at a much better price.


How It Looks On




It’s not all bad though, there are some great qualities. For example, I noticed that if I curled my lashes before applying it, the mascara would hold the curl all day. I don’t if any of my other mascaras can do that. Also, it was really easy to remove at night. This may not seem like a big deal to some of you, but for me most of the time I have a hard time wiping off my mascara at the end of the day. It won’t want to come off and I feel like I’m yanking out my lashes. Then the next morning I wake up with raccoon eyes because I couldn’t remove it all. However, removing this was simple and easy, and I didn’t feel like I was hurting my lashes in the process.

My Final Review:


In the end, It’s nice, I don’t feel like this is worth the money. I feel this way with a few luxury products. Sometimes, they cash in on their brand name, while making products that don’t match expectations. If you want to buy a high end mascara, I recommend Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. It volumizes and lengthens lashes.

Let me if you’ve tried this product and what you opinions are on it. Also, what’s your favorite mascara? I would love to know!

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Billion Dollar Brows*

*I received these products courtesy of the company in return for a HONEST review. All thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

As much into makeup as I am, I only recently began to fill in my eyebrows. I have very big, thick brows and I want to distract from them as much as possible. However, I have recently finally began to except my brows and I’m trying to make them as clean and crisp as possible. So when I had an opportunity to try this brand, I thought perfect timing!

Lately, I’ve been using NYX’s pencil to fill in my brows. I like it okay, but I purchased the wrong color so it doesn’t always come out looking that great. That billion dollar kits has the added benefit of included everything you need for perfect brows, not just a pencil and spool.

I received two kits: The Bestseller Kit and the 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit.
The Bestseller Kit includes:

The Universal Brow Pencil

Brow Gel

A Smudge Brush

A Brow Dual Pencil
I absolutely love this! The Universal brow pencil claims to match all brow colors. While, I can’t speak for everyone it perfectly blended into my brows and matched much better than my previous brow pencil. I love the highlighter/concealer pencil although I don’t really use the concealer side. The highlight does a great job of adding lift to your brows. I also like the brow gel, my brows stay in place all day. I will admit that I didn’t find much use for the smudge brush though, and don’t use it.

The 60 Seconds To Beautiful Brows Kit includes:

Brow Powder in Taupe

A Dual Ended Brow Brush

Unfortunately, I wasn’t as big a fan of this set. I found it harder to blend this powder into my brows. And I felt like it wasn’t showing up as well as the universal brow pencil did. I feel like perhaps I need to practice with his more, but It’s not something I feel I would repurchase.
Overall, I completely recommend the Bestsellers Kit and will probably buy this myself as soon as mine runs out. It has everything you need to perfect your brows, and the quality is great! While the 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows is okay, I feel like you get more bang for buck with the other kit.

If your interested in these sets, you can visit their site HERE.

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2015 Favoites of the Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year has been amazing for you, I know it’s been a crazy one for me. To celebrate the end of the year, here’s my favorite things I enjoyed this year:

Favorite Reads:

Silver in the Blood

Silver in the Blood book review

The Quick

the quick book vampire

The Madman’s Daughter

madmans daughter book

Source: Goodreads

Is Everyone Hanging out without Me?

mindy kaling book



We Were Liars


Source: Goodreads

Conspiracy of Blood and Smoke

conspiracy blood smoke book

Source: Goodreads

Yes Please


Source: goodreads

City of Dark Magic


Source: Goodreads

The Diviners

diviners book

Source: goodreads

Palace of Spies

palace of spies books 1

Source: Goodreads

Fave Beauty Products:

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara

they're real mascara benefit cosmetics

YSL Rouge Couture Rose Stiletto Lipstick

YSL rouge pur couture

Bourjois Health Mix Foundation

bourjios, healthy, mix, foundation

My much loved bottle of Healthy Mix Foundation

Honey Dew Me Up

nyx honey dew me up

Favorite Miscellaneous Things:





Game of Thrones



Betsy Johnson Purse


Christmas in Denver


Coloring Books

coloring books adult







Jackaby Quicky Book Review


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Author: William Ritter

Pages: 299

Published: September 16th 2014

This book claimed to mix of Sherlock Holmes and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So of course, I had to pick it up! I don’t read a lot of mysteries, but this made me want to read more. It was so fun to read and I recommend this to anyone who is in a book slump, it’s so hard to put down.

The novel follows Abigail Rook as she makes her way to New England in the late 1800s.  In need of a job she inquires around until she happens upon an unusual job posting at the post office, which leads her to a very unusual young detective. Immediately she is thrown into a murder mystery but not everything is as it seems. As the young detective, Jackaby, specializes in a particular type of crime, the supernatural.

I loved this book so much since it was something that I hadn’t read before. The characters were fantastic and seemed to jump off the page. Jackaby is a great character, very similar to Sherlock Holmes in the he is quirky and bit bad at people skills, but you fall in love with all the same. Abigail is a great lead female character who is very independent for her time. She is stubborn and adventurous and a great companion for Jackaby. There are other great characters littered throughout, who all have their secrets or little quirks of their own. And the supernatural aspects of this book really meld together with everything else so it doesn’t seem over done or like it doesn’t fit into the setting or story.

The mystery begins early into the story and once it begins, it takes off quickly. It was hard to put this down because I wanted to know happened next so bad. If you have been having trouble getting into books lately, you should pick this one up. It will cure your book slump very quickly. It’s so much fun with something new and interesting around every page. I can’t wait to start the second book in the series!


My Final Review:


Let me what your thoughts are in the comments and if you love quirky main characters as well!

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Fall Favorites 2015 Tag

Sadly, Fall in coming to and end and winter is quickly approaching. However, I’m still enjoying the changing leaves and the crisp air. And since this is my favorite time of year, I thought I would do this tag and share my Fall favorites with you.

Favorite Candle

Fall scents are my favorite so I have a ton! But my all time favorite is Leaves by Bath and Body works. It smells almost like a cinnamon broom(kudos if you know what I’m talking about!). It’s beautiful, wonderful and perfect for the season!

Favorite Lip Color

That’s so easy for me and I’ve mentioned it several times in this blog. It’s Copenhagen by NYX. It’s a matte dark purple color that is vampy, but not too bright purple. I basically live in this color during Fall.
Favorite Drink

Hot chocolate!!!! I’ve tried the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, but to be honest I didn’t find it that great, just okay.
Favorite Blush

I wear the same color of blush all year long so this might be boring. I use e.l.f St. Lucas blush. It’s a pink with gold flecks in it that I find similar to NARS Orgasm. It gives me a lovely glow, without being to much.
Favorite Clothing Item

Cardigans!!! I have multiple that I switch out through the week. They’re perfect for keeping warm, while still being light since the weather isn’t too cold yet. Plus they are super comfy.
Favorite Fall Movie

Hocus Pocus is pretty obvious I think, but it’s the truth. I live this movie and watch it Muriel’s times during the month of October, and even after Halloween because it’s just that great.
Favorite Fall TV Show

There are so many good shows that premiere during Fall that’s it’s almost hard to choose. But I do have a favorite that I’ve been looking forward to every year the past few years and that’s Sleepy Hollow. I love this show so much it has everything; scare, humor, and history. I’m so happy it has returned this Fall and I’m loving the new season so far.
Favorite Thanksgiving Food

This is actually hard for me and I don’t want to have to pick just one dish. I have to admit that I probably eat mostly mash potatoes, but I’m not going to pick it because I can eat that whenever. Instead I choose stuffing, and my stomach is literally growling right now just thinking about it.
Favorite Halloween Costume

I’ve dressed up as something different every year, and I have a lot to choose from. I would probably have to say the year I dressed up as the bride of Frankenstein and my husband went as Frankenstein. We looked great and it was a ton of fun!

I hope you enjoyed this and I would love to read your favorites in the comments!

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