February Favorites 2015

1. Sleepy Hollow Finale: OMG please tell me y’all have been watching this show!! It’s awesome and that finale was perfect! I’m so happy with where the show is going now that I hope they renew it for a 3rd season.

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service: I loved this movie. It had a little bit of everything-sophistication, awesome fight scenes, and humor. I don’t if there will be a sequel but there should be!

3. Wild by Cheryl Strayed: I read this book for Essie of Essiebutton’s book club buttons book shelf. I had thought about reading this before, but I don’t read memoirs much so I never picked it up. But I’m so happy I did this month, it’s such an inspiring read!


Source: Goodreads


4. Chevelle: I’ve loved Chevelle for years and I recently discovered their new music. Take Out the Gunman is so good and reminds me a lot of Tool.

5. Trivia Crack: This is a game on the iPhone and it’s so addicting! It’s a game where you play against someone by spinning a wheel and answering different trivia questions. Sounds simple but I can’t stop playing!

7. Taking Walks: We are starting to see some spring like days here, so I’ve been taking advantage of the few warm days and going to the park and walking. It’s relaxing and it feels so good to just to be outside and breathing the air. I hope to starts to warm up more here soon.

8. Snow: On the other side we’ve been getting a lot of winter weather here recently, which is unusual for the South. It’s snowed twice this week, including today where it snowed about 3 inches! That a lot down here. We built a snow man and had a snow fight. It’s been so much fun!


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Love in the Driest Season Book Review

Title: Love in the Driest Season

Author: Neely Tucker

Published: April 5, 2005 by Broadway Books

Pages: 288

Genres: Memoir, Non fiction, Africa,Travel, Adoption

Rating: starstarstarstarstar_empty

Source: Goodreads

Source: Goodreads

I’m currently working on pop sugars reading challenge for this year and one of the challenges is to read a book your mother loves. I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to pick but then she went ahead and for this book at library for me to read.

My mom is obsessed with Africa and is constantly trying to get me to read memoirs based there, but it’s just not a topic that interests me. This book, however, pleasantly surprised me.

It’s written by Neely Tucker who comes from my part of Mississippi and even mentions my hometown. So that gave me some incentive to get into it. At its heart this book is about him and his wife trying to adopt a baby from a orphanage in Zimbabway during the AIDS crisis on the late 1990s.

I honestly had a little trouble getting into at first and thought it was little depressing. But, once I hit the halfway point I couldn’t put it down! There is so much going on with him reporting first hand during wars in Africa and how the government somewhat turns against them, and the struggle to save a little girl from possible death is riveting. I can’t believe how incredible this story is and it’s all true.

If you prefer friction or are looking to get out of your reading box then I recommend you try this out. And of course it’s a great read for those interested in Africa or adoption stories.

I hope you check this book out and let me know what you’re reading to get out of your book comfort zone.

Top Ten Tuesday: Heroines

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks topic is our favorite book heroines:

1. Katniss from The Hunger Games: I feel like she is everyone’s favorite, especially with The Hunger Games movies being so big. I love how she saved her sister and she’s clever and strong too. A perfect role model.

2. Tris from Divergent: She is one of my favorite heroines because she is so independent and doesn’t rely on a love interest to help her. 

3. Diana from The All Souls Trilogy: Shes smart and a bad ass witch, need I say more? Also she loves history and obsessed with history so feel like we could be besties…

4. Cinder: I love her because she doesn’t let anything get her down and she is willing to do anything for those she loves. 

5. Hermione from Harry Potter: She was my all time favorite book character growing up and that still hasn’t changed. 

6. Tessa from Clockwork Angel: I don’t know if she exactly counts as a heroine, I love her as a lead female character. Although she has an issue making up her mind about boys. I still thought was strong and willing to fight those who were out to harm those she loved.

7. Scarlett from Gone With the Wind: I feel like she is one of the strongest female characters out there, although to a fault. She fought tooth and nail to better herself through the war and managed to save her home during it all. Her methods may not as be honorable but you can’t say she isn’t tough and willing to do what needs to get done.

8. Gretchen from Prisoner of Night and Fog: She had to risk everything and go against one of the most dangerous men in recent history, Hitler. I thought she was very brave and willing to fight for what’s right.

9. Skeeter from The Help: I love her because she did what she thought was right even though it was very dangerous to do so. She lost friends and boys but in the end she didn’t care. She was smart and independent and found herself realizing her dream in the end.

10. Rose from Vampire Academy: I think my favorite thing about her is her humor. She is so funny! Plus, I love the awesome relationship between her and Lissa. You can really tell she’s a loyal friend, plus she kicks ass and is too brave for her own good.

I know the descriptions of these were vague but I didn’t want to give any spoilers to those who haven’t read the books yet. Who are your favorite heroines?

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The Glass Casket Quickie Book Review

Title: The Glass Casket

Author: McCormick Templeman

Published: February 11th 2014 by Delacorte Press

Recommended If You Like: Retelling, Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy, YA, Romance, Paranormal

Pages: 352

My Rating: starstarstarstarstar_empty


Source: Goodreads

I’m a huge fan of fairy tale retellings so when good reads recommend this book, which a retelling of Snow White, to me I immediately went out and grabbed it. First of all can we just stop and appreciate this cover for minute? Gorgeous!

Now for the actual review: I loved it! I have to admit that it wasn’t what I was expecting and from reading the other reviews on it I think a lot of people feel the same way. But, I enjoyed the fact that it was different from anything else I had read.

I don’t want to say too much and give anything away, but basically a mysterious, beautiful stranger comes to town. And before anyone can learn much about her she’s killed by something in the forest. Only that’s not the end of her story, more people are killed and she may have something to do it.

Overall this book had a dark, Grimm feel throughout which I really enjoyed. it was also more gruesome than I was expecting. So if you can’t handle blood and gore this book is not for you. And it had an excellent twist that kept me guessing until the very end! You will finished this book with a feeling of closure. There’s no annoying cliffhanger, or question left hanging in the air. This is the first book I’ve read by McCormick Templeman but I will definitely be reading more by her in the future!

If you are looking for a book with good flow and is an easy, relaxed read pick this up and give it a go. whats your thoughts on this book and do you have any favorite retellings? If so let me know down in the comments!

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Problems


Top ten Tuesdays are a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  This weeks Topic is 10 book relate problems we have, and trust me I have a few!

1. I have a book buying addiction!!! I just can’t help myself, I have tons of unread books at home but when I see a book I want at the bookstore I just have to get it. It’s a serious problem and I should seek help…nah.

2. Not reading the books I buy. Even though I buy lots and lots of books, I don’t tend read them all. I put them on my shelf to read but then I find another and the first one is forgotten. And that has an on going chain effect that never ends.

3. Requesting too many ARCs at once then not reading some of them. I feel like a lot of book bloggers can understand this problem.

4. Picking up a book based on its cover and hen buying it without knowing what it’s about. This has actually led me into reading really good books that I otherwise would not have chose to read if I knew the topics. An example is The Prague Cemetery by Umberto Eco. Very strange book, it was is was still a good read.

5. Pushing through a book that I’m not liking. This is basically book torture and it makes more sense not to waste my time and just put it down, but instead I suffer through until the end. I don’t know why, do others do this too?

6. Getting upset when someone borrows a book and then returns it in poor condition. It’s just a book, but to me it’s my baby so don’t hurt it!!!

7. Not reading enough non fiction books. I tend to stick with fiction only and not giving good books a chance because they are non fiction.

8. Not reading enough contemporary books, Same problem with the non fiction books, I’m just not interested. But, I know I’m missing out on a lot of excellent books.

9. Reading a book and then putting it down and forgetting it. I do with a lot of good book that I’m enjoying, but I get sidetracked with another book and then I forget about the first one. By the time remember the first book I’m no longer interested in it and so it goes unfinished.

10. Not getting anything done because I just want to read all day. Chore? those can wait. Work? I don’t need money right? Cook? I’ll go hungry it’s ok.

I hope you liked this list or at least found it entertaining. Can you relate to any of these? I would love to know I’m not alone!

Yes Please #buttonsbookshelf

Source: goodreads

Source: goodreads

   My rating:          starstarstarstarstar

Essie of the blog and YouTube channel Essiebutton has started a book club called buttonsbookshelf! I was so excited since I love her and was curious to see what books we would be reading. The month of January was Yes Please by Amy Poehler, which was fantastic since I had my eye on this book for months.

To be honest, I don’t know much about her since I haven’t watched much of her work besides SNL. But, I knew she was funny so I had very high expectations for this book, and thankfully it didn’t let me down!

This book was funny throughout, without being just a bunch of corny one liners. She managed to be sweet, down to earth, and honest the whole time. I have to say I have completely fallen for Amy since reading this book. I thought the use of pictures and giant quotes really added a nice extra treat. Even though this is few hundred pages, I finished it only two days! I couldn’t put it down! It contains a lot of advice, as well as lots of stories of her growing up and her early comedy days. I was surprised to find this had some bad reviews on goodreads. I say Yes Please to more Amy Poehler!

My only complaint is superficial and that this book weighs a TON!! Seriously, I hated carrying this around. I might as well have been lugging around a brick or two. To be fair, this is probably due to the high quality paper they decided to use, but still I could have handled a lower quality and lighter book.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review and if your interested in the book club click on her name at the top of her post and it will take you to her site. She also posted a video on her blog about her views on this book and has mentioned the February’s book is Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Let me know your thoughts on Yes Please and book clubs too. Are you a member of a book club?

City of Dark Magic Quickie Book Review

Title: City of Dark Magic

Publisher: Penguin Books

Release Date: November 27th 2012

Pages: 448

Generes: Fantasy, Romance, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Humor,


Source: Goodreads

Source: Goodreads

First, let me say I’m sorry for being so MIA on here lately. I love writing and being on here, but I have been very busy/distracted in my life right now and it’s making it very hard to post on a schedule. I’m warning y’all now that although I will try to post on here as much as possible, I will probably update this at random times. I promise to try to get better though! Now, on to the actual review:

Love, love, loved this book! I found myself rooting for Sarah, the character, through out the book and honestly I really liked all the characters. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few pretty evil characters in this book, but they’re written so vividly you don’t mind them. Sarah is a smart girl from Boston who is getting her PhD in Beethoven. Although I really did enjoy her character, I will say she is bit too…horny. Yeah, didn’t think I would write those word in a book review. She always has sex on the brain to a point where is can be a little too much. Another odd fact is that she cant tell people’s character through her nose. Like she can smell if someone is nice, evil etc. I little odd but definitely original.

I’m a huge history buff, like seriously I’m such a nerd about it and if you are too then you will love this book. There are many different characters that you will get to meet that are experts in different aspects of history. For example, Suzi is an expert in weapons and they speak a little bit of that is historical aspects.  I also like how these supporting characters are unique and different from what you expect. Like how Suzi is this small Asian chick who is into guns and is from Texas. I love how they have a chapter that’s an expert in each category and they delve into a little bit. And I live that each character is unique and not exactly what you would expect. Like Suzi who is a weapons expert but a short cute Asian from Texas.

The book is mostly set in Prague which I thought was really cool. I was very lucky to be able to visit Prague last year and it truly is a beautiful and mysterious city. Which made it the perfect setting for this story. Prague Castle plays a main part and so do other well know historical landmarks. So if you have visited this city, you will love it because it really transports you there and the author(s) really did amazing research on Prague. And if you haven’t visited or don’t know much about Prague there is a handy map of it in the front so you know where things are happening. which I thought was a nice touch.

Overall, this book has a steady storyline, but really picks up in the end. It’s full of so many funny things that I didn’t want to really talk about it and ruin it, but trust me this book is hilarious! It had me laughing at loud at so many parts. The only think I didn’t like was how perfect everything arranged itself in the end. Like seriously, It basically wrapped and tied with a bow how perfect everything turns out. But, I’m excited there is another book. It leaves you wanting more and wanting to pick the next book up asap.

I hope you enjoyed this and found helpful. I really hope it makes sense lol, my mind is kinda a ll over the place. If you did enjoy this then please like and share with your friends. Also, subscribe and follow if you’re not already and want more where this came from.

<3 you guys and see you next time!