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Divergent Movie Review

I was so excited to see this movie last night that I braved being really sick to sit through it, and it was worth every minute of it. I really enjoyed it, I thought it was just as fast paced as the book. There were some changes, some bothered me some didn’t, but that’s to be expected with book adapted movies. The rest of this review will contain *SPOILERS* so if you haven’t seen it yet don’t continue, unless you would like to.

What I liked: What I was really excited to see was the dauntless jumping off the train. It always sounded so cool in the book and the movie definitely did it justice. It looked like so much fun and way cooler than I could have even imagined. I also thought that they did a great job on creating the city, it looked just like I had imagined only better. The wall was so much bigger than I pictured and they made it look really cool.

They also did a really good job on casting. I was a little worried before watching it because of some bad critic reviews. But if its one thing I’ve learned about reviews it’s to take them with a grain of salt and go watch it yourself and form your own opinion. I think all the actors did an excellent job, but here are the ones who stood out the most to me.

Four played by Theo James was amazing! Not only is he nice to look at πŸ˜‰ but he also blew this part out of the water. He was a really strong presence on screen and I think he did a great job with the character. My husband mentioned that he thought he seemed more mean in the movie than in the book, but I disagree. I thought he was just as mean in the book only its filtered by Tris’s point of view and feelings.

Eric played by Jai Courtney was also good. He didn’t have as many face piercings as I pictured, but what really bothered me was that he looked just like Macklemore to me ha ha. I mean his character is still badass, but I’m just saying I might have had thrift shop going through my head every time he came on screen. Seriously though, he was a great bad guy and the acting was great.

Jeanine played by Kate Winslet was amazing. Jeanine has more of a role in the movie than she does in the book, but I’m ok with tjat becuase she nailed it. I like how they showed her as bad, but also showed how its really her cold intelligence that makes her that way and how she truely beilves shes is doing the right thing.

Tori played by Maggie Q really stood out to me. I realize that she plays an important role in the book, but she’s still mostly in the background. In the movie she is still mostly in background, but her presence is really strong and she stands out which I loved. She is really rememerable and I can’t wait to see her in the next movie.

Tris played by Shailene Woodley is pretty good too. I saved her for last because I’m still kinda on the fence about her. I didn’t think she did as bad of a job as some reviews are saying. Some are saying her acting was flat, but I think it was just more subtle and natural. It seems like they wrote for her character to be more shy and timid in the movie and that may be way some think she being being flat. However, I thought she did good, just not great.

Things I didn’t like:

The biggest thing that really bothered me was that they left out Edward! So one of the biggest parts of the book(where Peter stabs his eye out) was completely left out of the movie. And also, his character returns in the second book, so It would have been nice to see him.

The next biggest thing that bothered me was the ending. I know they have to change things from the book in the movie but I wish they would have kept it similar. In the movie you see Jeanine running the simulation instead of Tobias. And instead of stealing the hard drive, the erase it. It bothers me because the hard drives comes up in the second book.

On little things that bothered me, one was how they did the tattoos. I get that they were trying to be cool and futuristic, but the whole point of the tattoos is that its painful and something crazy only the dauntless would do. In the move it came off as just stamping something on yourself, not so cool.

And I didn’t like the casting for Al. His acting was good but his profile didn’t fit the character for me. In the book they make him out to be pudgy and smaller. But in the movie he was lean and really tall, just completely different than I had pictured.

Lastly, I didn’t like how they skipped Tris’s mom telling her to tell Caleb to research the serum. It’s how the whole thing jumps off in the book, and made her visiting her brother in the movie kind of pointless in my eyes.

That’s it, I hope it was helpful. It’s definitely worth watching so go out and see it. If you’ve already seen it tell me what you thought of it πŸ™‚

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