What’s In My Makeup Bag

So, I recently went on a mini vacation and I thought I would show y’all what I bring in my makeup bag. I carry a medium sized bag, so I have to be a little picky with what I bring because I don’t have a lot room.


IMG_1129 IMG_1143

I’m in love with this palette! The colors are beautiful and really pigmented. My favorite color is Jordin pink color that is perfect for spring and summer. I have been wearing this whenever I go out and need to put on a little extra makeup.



I have been wearing this everyday. With it already getting hot here in Mississippi, I need something that was light but still gave me some coverage. I used to not this BB Cream because I felt like it made me look greasy and orange. Now, when I wear it I put some setting powder on it and it’s fine. And I’ve been out by the pool lately and it seems to better match my skin tone now that I’m slightly darker.



I love the company e.l.f because they have some really high quality products for a cheaper price. While not all of their products may work, I think this product is a great buy. I don’t use the bronzer because it’s too dark for my skin tone and it’s shimmery and I don’t think shimmery bronzers look very good on the skin. But the blush is a very nice soft pink and that is buildable and I wear this almost everyday.



This is benefit cosmetics eye bright and concealer. I love to use the counselor under my eyes to hide my dark circles. I have really bad under eye circles and so far this is the only product that has helped cover them. And when you place the eye bright under the eyebrow it gives your a nice life and makes you look more alert. I would recommend this product to anyone who’s eyes need a little pick me up in the mornings.



I got this sample size of Bad Gal Lash in a gift bag from UIlta sometime last year. It wasn’t until last month that I decided to give it a try. At first I didn’t like it, it seemed clumpy and the mascara would ended all over eye lid. But, after a few applications I realized it did that because it made my lashes so long the would brush up against the skin. This mascara really lengthens the lashes and makes it look like you are wearing false lashes. I love it now that i would that less is more when it comes this mascara.



I have using this eyeliner for about six years now and it’s still my favorite. It’s an easy to use liquid liner and black is a true black. It makes it easy to do cat eye liner and it lasts for a really long time. It’s water proof and I have swam with this stuff on and didn’t budge.



As you can probably tell, this gets a lot of use. NYC is another brand that makes good products for less. The wax that comes with this really helps tames my brows and they stay tamed for the whole day. I don’t really use the powder that comes with it thought because my eyebrows are dark enough where I don’t need to fill them in.



I should this to y’all last moth in my birthday haul and it has quickly become my favorite foundation brush of all time. It truly buffer the foundation out so that it looks flawless and you can’t even tell I’m wearing anything. It also makes putting on liquid foundation a lot faster and easier. I would recommend this over a stifling brush to apply your foundation. This also wasn’t very expensive either.



This is my blush brush that is so old that I don’t even know what brand it is. They may actually be only blush brush that I have ever owned. It’s nothing special but it’s lasted me a very long time and I take it everywhere with me.



And this is my Revlon lash curler. This is another product that I have had for so long I’m not sure when or where I got it. It’s getting pretty dirty though and it’s probably time I buy new one.

So that’s it! That’s all I have in my make up bag, I hope y’all enjoyed it. I know some stuff wasn’t that special but I think everyone has some stuff in their makeup bag that is more functional that cool.

Comment below what you have in your makeup bag and I’ll see you next time!


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