Book Review

Night Film Book Review

Title: Night Film

Author: Marisha Pessl

Recommended If You Like: Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Crime Novels

Published: July 1st 2014 by Random House Trade Paperbacks

Pages: 640



Source: Goodreads
Source: Goodreads

My first impression of this book was that it was going to be a crime novel. I girl is discovered dead just after our narrator encountered her one night. But, twists into something else half way into the book, something darker and more surreal.

The book is about a man trying to uncover the truth behind a reclusive movie director after his daughter is found dead after an apparent suicide. With the help of two teenagers, Nora and Hopper who both have their own histories, they dig into the family’s past. But what they find is nothing what they expected and has them questioning everything they know.

This book really sucked me and at times I couldn’t even put it down. I finished in 8 days which is fast for me for such a thick book. I read for 3 straight hours just to finish it.

One of my favorite elements about it was that it has interactive pieces such as newspaper articles and website pages that you get to read for yourself. That way you can sort through the evidence and decide for yourself what you think of the mysterious Cordova and what happened to his equally mysterious daughter.

There are even pages that are marked so that you can use you smartphone and go even deeper into the piece of information, which I thought was really unique and very cool.

The characters were all great and played an equal part in the story. The supporting characters didn’t feel like they were just supportive characters because they were all so bold and played such big parts in solving the mystery.

As the story develops to go from a simple who done it to a story straight out of one of Cordova’s horror films. The line between reality bends between reality and the unreal as magic and satanism is thrown into the mix. This is a good book to read at night with most of lights off because it really is scary and will have you question your sanity at some point.

The reason I gave this 4 stars was because of the ending. I was expecting a little more. It does give you closure and answers, but leaves you wanting more at the same time. So I was slightly disappointed, but over all it was a great book, and it was really engaging and imaginative. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re into horror/thrillers.

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