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New Authors I’ll be Reading in 2015


I only have a few authors that I tend to read multiple of their books, so this is actually easy for me since I”m constantly reading new authors. Here are the new to me authors I’m looking forward to reading next year in 2015:

1. Diana Gabaldon:I just recently bought Outlander and I can’t wait to start reading it!

2. Tobsha Learner: I have had The Witch of Cologne sitting my self almost a year now and have still yet to read it.

3. Victoria Aveyard: The Red Queen, I’m not even sure what this book is about exactly, but the cover is so stunning I’m picking this baby up not matter what! Does anyone else just pick up random books just because the cover is pretty, without even checking the plot?

4. Kerstin Gier: I found this author by looking at popular German authors on Goodreads. I’m a huge fan of Oliver Pötzsch, so I was looking for other equally good German authors I would not not about. The first book in her popular series is called Ruby Red and it looks really good.

5. Thomas Rhiannon: This is the author of the much anticipated book, A Wicked Thing, which is a retelling of Sleeping Beauty. That’s one of my favorite fairy tales so I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with the story.

6. Beth Revis: I heard so much good hype around Across the Universe and although I’m not usually into stories based in space I think I’ll have to pick this one up and see what is all about.

7. Margo Bond Collins: Margo wrote a book about vampire lore in the 18th and 19th centuries. I’m a huge vampire fan and I’m very interested into the history of it as well. So I think this will be an interesting read.

8. Leigh Bardugo: I’m so behind on Leigh’s series and need to read Shadow and Bone ASAP!!!

9. Kiersten White: First of all, how beautiful is the name Kiersten? Wow, I love the spelling and everything, but enough fangirling about her name. I’m dying to read The Chaos of Stars. I love Egypt and I have a hard time finding god fiction that evolves it, so I hope this book is good.

10. Helen Rappaport: I love reading biographies and this one the Romanov Sisters looks so good! I don’t know much about them and I’m looking forward to learning more about these interesting sisters.

What are some new authors you’re looking forward to reading in the new year? let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe if you enjoyed this! ❤ you all!

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