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Yes Please #buttonsbookshelf

Source: goodreads
Source: goodreads

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Essie of the blog and YouTube channel Essiebutton has started a book club called buttonsbookshelf! I was so excited since I love her and was curious to see what books we would be reading. The month of January was Yes Please by Amy Poehler, which was fantastic since I had my eye on this book for months.

To be honest, I don’t know much about her since I haven’t watched much of her work besides SNL. But, I knew she was funny so I had very high expectations for this book, and thankfully it didn’t let me down!

This book was funny throughout, without being just a bunch of corny one liners. She managed to be sweet, down to earth, and honest the whole time. I have to say I have completely fallen for Amy since reading this book. I thought the use of pictures and giant quotes really added a nice extra treat. Even though this is few hundred pages, I finished it only two days! I couldn’t put it down! It contains a lot of advice, as well as lots of stories of her growing up and her early comedy days. I was surprised to find this had some bad reviews on goodreads. I say Yes Please to more Amy Poehler!

My only complaint is superficial and that this book weighs a TON!! Seriously, I hated carrying this around. I might as well have been lugging around a brick or two. To be fair, this is probably due to the high quality paper they decided to use, but still I could have handled a lower quality and lighter book.

I hope you enjoyed this mini review and if your interested in the book club click on her name at the top of her post and it will take you to her site. She also posted a video on her blog about her views on this book and has mentioned the February’s book is Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Let me know your thoughts on Yes Please and book clubs too. Are you a member of a book club?

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