What Do You Do When You Don’t Like A Book? 

Something just happened today that doesn’t happen often, I put down a book, permentaly. I almost always finish a book, it gives me a certain anxiety not to, like I’m missing out on something. 

The book I decided not finish is The Girl on the Train. I had heard so many good things about this that I went out and bought it even though I didn’t know much about it other than it was a thriller. 

The truth is I only got about 80 pages in, that’s it! But I couldn’t push on any further it was so depressing!!! Seriously, it was so depressing that it was affecting my mood outside of reading it. After reading some Goodreads reviews I discovered I was not alone. How do people read these books without becoming medically depressed themselves? 

But to be fair I’ve always had a problem reading books that deal with infidelity. I don’t know why, I’ve never had something like that in real life, but it makes me feel icky. It’s always deal breaker for me and the reason why I haven’t read the Paris Wife yet even though I really want to and already own it.

So I’m really curious to know your point of view on these things. Is there any deal breakers for you when it comes to books? And how do you feel about not finishing a book? Is it easy for you? And how of a chance do you give it before putting it down? 

Thanks for giving this a read and I can’t wait to hear your options in the comments! If you enjoyed this please share, like, and follow. ❤

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