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The Dinivers Book Review

Title: The Dinivers

Author: Libba Bray

Published: September 18th 2012 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Recommended If You Like: Historical Fiction, Paranormal, YA, Romance, Horror, Humor, Fantasy

Pages: 578

My Rating: starstarstarstarstar

diviners book
Source: goodreads

The first thing that really popped out at me about this book was the amazing detail put into the setting. It’s very easy to see that Libba Bray did her research when it came to writing this book, and it shows. She even had the slang down for the time, which is the 1920s. I personally love this era and think that it’s a very cool part of history, especially in New York because everyone was really living it up.

They way the story is told is through multiple view points that switch constantly. At first, I thought that was going to be a problem. And at the beginning it made it a little slow for me.But, after a couple of chapters it actually wasn’t that confusing at all and really helped move the plot along. My favorite aspect of this book was how creepy it was. It’s very rare for me to put up a YA paranormal book and have it actually scare me. But, this one actually had me truly creeped out. But, it was really fun and funny as well so it is an all over great and entertaining book.

The even thought the setting and atmosphere is great, I think that it’s the characters that make this book perfect. The character development seen through out the story is amazing, everyone changes and grows and that makes it a little bit relatable and realistic. They aren’t flat and that means a lot, especially in YA.

There is also important messages and topics addressed. There is a interracial couple, which for the 1920’s was very scandalous, even in New York City. I love how the author introduces us to this issue and shows the problems that a couple during this time would face, as well as showing tolerance.  One of the characters is gay, and I think the diversity of the characters really bring this story together and make it where every reader can relate to someone.

The only problem I have is that there appears to be a love triangle blossoming. I personally don’t have any issues with romance in YA books, but the love triangle aspect is so over done and just plain annoying. It brings down the fun of the book for me and just adds loads of unnecessary drama.

Overall, I adore this book and fell head over heels for it many diverse and wonderful characters. It’s creepy and will have you sleeping with the lights on and for the most part isn’t cheesy. Which is very rare in YA books and makes it stand out. Te ending will having you wanting more, and that’s okay since the next book The Liar of Dreams comes out August 25th.

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