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The Name Of The Star Book Review

Title: The Name of the Star (Shades of London #1)

Author: Maureen Johnson

Published: October 2nd 2012 by Speak

Recommended If You Like: Historical Fiction, Paranormal, YA, Romance, Horror, Humor, Fantasy, London, Louisiana, Thiller

Pages: 372

My Rating: starstarstarstarstar

name of the star, ya, paranormal, jack the ripper, london
Source: Goodreads

I truly enjoyed this book, it felt like it had been awhile since I read a fiction book that I considered fun. I looked forward to getting a chance to read, because I knew it was lift my mood and keep me totally entertained. This is modern thriller set in London but the plot surrounds the fact that Jack The Ripper is back and killing people. The police can’t find out who is because, well, they can’t see him. But it turns out that Rory can, and she isn’t alone. Will she be able to caught The Riper before he gets to her first?

I loved this book because it managed to light and funny, and serous and dark all at the same time. It was a perfect balance and that’s what kept me engaged. The thriller part of this book takes a while to unfold, so don’t expect to dive deep into the mystery straight away. But, I was okay with that because it allowed you to get introduced to characters first, and Rory is a really fun and down to earth character. She’s from Louisiana, near New Orleans, so i felt like I could personally relate to her since I’m also from The South in Mississippi. It was nice seeing her described the difference between The South and life in London.

Another part of this book that I liked was the underlying message of how the media deals with coverages of certain matters, such as murders. In the book its a prominent point that the media makes a ‘star’ out of Jack The Ripper and therefore creates more of a celebrity than a cold blooded murderer. I feel like this is relatable to how the media acts in real life with terrorists and mass shooters, making this storyline very relevant. Also, she pops in some pop culture references, such as Doctor Who, which made it fun and was a treat for those who knew what that is.

This story isn’t predicable, and there is a lot of moving parts going so you don’t get bored with any of it. There’s a handful of important characters and they are all so different, so there is a character for everyone. Overall, I didn’t want it end and was sad when I finally finished it. Luckily, there are four more books in the series so I have a lot to look forward to reading.

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