Oz Naturals Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review*

*This post is powered by Brandbacker. I received this product free from the company in return for an honest review. The opinions expressed on this page are mine only.

I have always wanted to add a serum to my nighttime routine, but resisted because I didn’t want to add extra chemicals to my face. My skin is sensitive, so it’s easy for my skin to react badly if I use new products or too many products. However, when I learned that Oz Naturals uses natural ingredients I was curious and asked to try one out. For anyone who is picky about the ingredients in their skin products Oz Naturals is cruelty free, organic, vegan, and is made in the USA.

I received the hyaluronic acid serum, which is considered the anti-aging serum. Although I am only 25, it is important for people to begin using age preventing skin products beginning in their early 20s to help maintain youthful skin. While I don’t have many wrinkles yet, I do have one long wrinkle right in the middle of my forehead that causes me problems. I don’t think about it much until I apply foundation to my face, because it always creases around my wrinkle. I was hoping that this would help make it less noticeable.

I used this for 6 nights and took one picture before I started using the serum and one after the 6 days to check to see if I could tell a difference in my skin.

acid serum review oz naturals
This was taken right before bed! Ha ha

acid serum review oz naturalsWhen I first used this I was pleased with how fast it dried. I have combo to oily skin so I hate using anything oily on my face, but this dried fast and left no oily feeling behind. That night I could feel my skin was softer, and even felt a little more plump. Over the duration I noticed my skin feeling firmer and softer. I have eczema and have dry patches all over my body. One place I continue to have a dry spot is the area between my nose and the top of my lips. It burns and is very uncomfortable. But, by night 3 my dry spot was completely gone! I was hoping that this serum would be moisturizing, but I didn’t expect that happen. My acne also lessened over the 6 days, but I’m not sure if this was due to the serum, though, so keep that in mind.

In the pictures above you can see how red my face is in the first one and how much more even toned it is the last. The pictures don’t show it as well as I would like, but in the last picture my skin is glowing. I feel so much better about my skin, I wouldn’t be scared to go out without foundation on now. Although, I don’t see a difference with my forehead wrinkle, I think it needs more than 6 days to work on those issues.

I give this serum:


I’m so happy with this product and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to try a serum for the first time. I also think that this would make an excellent mothers day present if you need an idea! If you would like to learn more or purchase this serum click HERE.

I hope you enjoyed this and that it help you. If you did please like, share, and follow to see future beauty reviews.

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