not your mothers deja vu do style extender review hair

Deja Vu Do Style Extender Quickie Review*

*Disclaimer: I received this product free through the company in return for an honest review. All the opinions expressed here are mine only.


not your mothers deja vu do style extender review hair

Hello everyone, I’m with with a hair styler review. Not Your Mother’s Deja Vu Do Style extender is a very interesting idea and I love the thought of it. It’s a creme that you place in your hair while its still damp from washing it and you immediately style it as you would normally and your hair is supposed to last two days. It claims to keep your hair voluminous, less oily, and maintain your style.

The first thing I noticed and really liked was the scent. It smells like berries and it delicious. Plus the scent lasts until you wash it out which is a nice touch. It’s easy to use and I did find that it kept my hair voluminous.

However, I did have on issue in that it didn’t keep my from becoming oily on day two. I have very oily hair and so I need a hair product that with help counteract that and this simply failed the grade on the note.

Overall, I would to say that this is a good product for helping those who don’t wash their hair everyday. It did help with keeping my hair voluminous and smelled amazing, but it didn’t prevent it from getting oily. So if you have naturally dry hair and and scalp I do think this would be a great product for you. But, if you have naturally oily hair I would skip this for some dry shampoo.

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