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Paper Towns Book Review #Buttonsbookshelf

Title: Paper Towns

Author: John Green

Published: October 16th 2008 by Dutton Juvenile

Recommended If You Like: YA, Coming of Age, Road Trip, Romance, Mystery

Pages: 305

My Rating: starstarstarstarstar_empty

paper towns john green book review
Source: Goodreads

I’m going to be honest, until buttons bookshelf I had no intention of reading this book. I’ve always been curious about John Green’s books as I like him a lot as a person, such as on YouTube etc. But, I don’t purposefully read sad books because the moods of books have an emotional hold me. If I read something sad then it ruins my mood for days. But, I thought this sounded interesting so I decided to give it a try, if not so that I could finally say I’ve read something by John Green.

My first initial reaction was that I liked it. It immediately brought me back to my high school days as I feel like this really captures that thoughts and emotions of a high school senior. But, then the more I got into it I felt that for me it was a little too sentimental. Does that make me sound like a bitter adult? LOL! I only mean that I felt like it was trying to hard to capture those teenage feelings and as an adult I’ve kinda grown past that mind set. Then at last when I finished the book and had some time to think about it, I decided that I really did like it. It simply captures that time in life too perfectly.

Reading this was such a roller coaster for me. At first, I wasn’t into Green’s a bit over the top characters. But, by the end i loved them all. They were each so unique and different, just like the group of friends you had in High School in real life. And while I never liked Margo, I loved the wild ride she put everyone one and the mystery that unraveled through out the book. This made me feel so many emotions and had me laughing out loud, mouth wide open in shock, and wanting to trow the book in frustration. I didn’t finish the book feeling exactly content and happy, and yet it was satisfying all the same.

The only issues I had were with the insane and over the top things hat happen and the extreme personalities of the characters. This probably wont bother most people, but I feel like this book was meant to be relates and more realistic, which it is in some parts, but I found these things taking me out the story. Please let me know if anyone else felt the same way. Was it just me? Also the ending was a bit off. I understand that it goes with the story, but I felt like I went through the whole book just be let down a little bit.

As you can probably tell from my crazy review, this book has me feeling a bit all over the place, but overall I enjoyed. This is a perfect read for a high school senior. Let me know if you have read this or want and what you thought  about. Please, like share, and follow to keep up to date on future posts. I hope you enjoyed this and leave your thoughts below!

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