caitlin rose makeup eyeshadow good cause

Makeup For A Good Cause

Hello everyone, this is going to be a quickie post to let you all know there is something important going on at the Makeup Geek site this week!

Marlena has created a purple eyeshadow called Caitlin Rose in remembrance of a friend who passed away from Batten Disease. To honor her friend all proceeds from this eyeshadow will go to helping those with this disease as well as research. This will be a permanent thing as along as the eyeshadow is sold. However, until June 7th 2015 the company will also donate an EXTRA 20 dollars for every one sold. So, that’s double the donation! I am in no way sponsored by Makeup Geek nor do I have any connection with company, I simply think this is a great idea and wanted to spread the word so that you could take part if it something that interests you. For us makeup addicts it great when we can feed the addiction while also helping a good cause as well.

caitlin rose makeup eyeshadow good cause
Caitlin Rose

Click HERE to see a video of Marlena talking about her friend, the eyeshadow, and see her tutorial using the eyeshadow.

Click HERE to purchase the eyeshadow.

Click HERE for more info on Batten Disease.

This is fantastic opportunity to feed your makeup addiction while also helping others while doing so. Please like, share,and follow to keep up to date with future posts!

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