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The Madman’s Daughter Book Review

Title: The Madman’s Daughter

Author: Megan Shepard

Published: January 29th 2013 by Balzer + Bray

Recommended If You Like: YA, Fantasy, Mystery, Dark, Gothic, Victorian Era, Science Fiction, History, Horror, Romance, Retelling

Pages: 420

My Rating: starstarstarstarstar_empty

madmans daughter book
Source: Goodreads


This may be my favorite book I’ve read so far this year, I talk about this lovely, amazing book enough!! Now, I know that you are probably wondering why I’ve only given it 4 stars if that’s the case, I’ll get to that later I promise. But, I do want to say right off the bat to READ THIS BOOK!

If you’re into horror or creepy books then you will love this one. It’s set in the Victorian era, first in London and then on a mysterious Australian island. For some reason Victorian London is the best setting for scary stories. And, the great thing about this is that while some horror books can be a bit slow, this is very fast paced. I was glued to this book, and when I wasn’t reading I was thinking about how bad I wanted to be reading.

There was so much going on and there was rarely a dull moment. This was based off of the book The Island of Dr. Moreau. And while I didn’t read it, I still have a feeling for it and how it relates to this one. The doctor makes a reappearance in this if you have read the original story. But there are so many great characters. My favorite was Montgomery, not only did he sound hot 😉 but he was a mysterious complex charter that I couldn’t pin down and I like that he was unpredictable. There were the natives of the island. they were so unique and each had there own personality. the author did an amazing job describing and creating them. The daughter, Juliet, was a great character, but she did have one flaw, she gets wrapped up in a love triangle.

Why? Why do so many YA books have to have love triangles now? I can’t stand it! This was actually the reason I took a star off in the rating. The love triangle was distracting, plus it made Juliet seem a little too naive and weak. She gets wrapped up between Montgomery and a mysterious man the find floating in the ocean named Edward. This was the downfall of the book for me.

But, overall it was a fantastic book full of plot twists. It’s crazy and makes you feel all possible emotions in one book. It’s full of fascinating creatures and there are little Easter eggs for literature lovers, such as the underlying theme of Shakespeare works. If you love the dark and creepy you will definitely love this! The ending caught me a little off guard, but t only made me want to pick up the next book ASAP. I’ve actually just ordered the next book in this series called Her Dark Curiosity, and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

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