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Palace of Spies Book Review

Title: Palace of Spies (Palace of Spies #1)

Author: Sarah Zettel

Published: 5th 2013 by HMH Books for Young Readers

Recommended If You Like: YA, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Spy Thriller, Romance, Adventure, England, Royalty

Pages: 368

My Rating: starstarstarstarstar

palace of spies books 1
Source: Goodreads
This is an incredibly funny book with fantastic writing style. I’ve never seen a writing style like this, especially how the chapters are titled. Plus, the font was really cute as well. It’s little details like these that make a book stand out amongst the rest, and are things I really appreciate. It really put me in into that world, which in England during the reign of King George I.

This was in a period that I wasn’t very familiar with but is it fascinating. It’s mostly set in the royal British court and highlights what is was like to be there during that time. It even goes into detail the type of dress they wore, with humor of course. If your unfamiliar with the time period it’s okay, the author describes what is happening during that time period, so that you understand everythi9ng better.

The story if full of shady characters and no one is who they seem. I liked that this was actually really good at not letting you know what really was happening until the very end. So many books now are predictable and that takes away part of the fun. Peggy is a fantastic leading lady, and is someone who you can root for the whole book.

I hope that you enjoyed this and that you will check out this amazing series! This is perfect those who love historical fiction and also want an easy read. Perfect for the beach or pool! Please like, share, and follow to keep up to date with future posts!

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