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Uganda Be Kidding Me Book Review

Title: Uganda Be Kidding Me

Author: Chelsea Handler

Published: March 4th 2014 by Grand Central Publishing

Recommended If You Like: Humor, Comedians, Memoirs, Travel, Essays

Pages: 257

My Rating: starstarstarstar_emptystar_empty

chelsea handler uganda be kidding me book

A quick review for a quick book:

I love reading books written by comedians. They are so funny and easy going that I often fly through them in a day or two. While, that wasn’t exactly the case with this book, I actually found the writing a little difficult to read, I still enjoyed it.

I love traveling and while I can’t afford to do much of that this year, I decided to live vicariously and read this book on Chelsea Handler’s recent travels. I thought that this was only about her trip to Africa, but this also includes another trip and some random stories that I felt like didn’t belong.

Overall, I thought it was interesting and funny. However, you have to appreciate her very dirty and blunt humor. It’s not for everyone. Also, I felt it really went off the rails towards the end with stories that didn’t even have to do with traveling and didn’t fit the book at all. It was ok, but not a great book.

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