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The Quick Book Review

Title: The Quick

Author: Lauren Owen

Published: June 17th 2014 by Random House

Recommended If You Like: Vampires, Gothic, Victorian London, Literature, Historical Fiction, Horror

Pages: 523

Stars: starstarstarstarstar

the quick book vampire
Source: Goodreads


First, I want to to let you know this is not a quick read. It’s very detailed and the writing style is wonderful, but you need to read at more slow pace to take it all in. It’s a great read for true literature lovers though! The writing is very atmospheric and is perfect for stormy nights, cuddled under blankets.

I personally love vampire stories, I know that a lot of people find them a little cliche and over done. I totally get that, I’m over all the cheesy, romance novels using vampire characters too! But, my favorite kind of books are ones that are serious, Gothic literature that don’t glamorize them, but treat them as the creatures they are, and this book is a perfect example. Although, the vampires are exactly of the Dracula type, they aren’t cutesy. However, this is set in Victorian England, which honestly only makes it that much better.

This book had it all for me! It had a dark, Gothic setting, moody vampires, amazing cast of supporting characters that were so unique that you will remember them long after putting the book down, and an amazing ending. Which, to be honest, has been hard to come by for me. So many books are leaving the ending in a way that is not satisfying and leaves too many questions. But, not this one. It makes reading through so may pages worth it.

I did have one problem, but only one with this though and it was the narration. The way the book works is that each chapter is told through another character’s perspective, which made it confusing in the beginning. But, it does get easier to read once you are introduced to all the characters.

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a spooky, Gothic read. For everyone who appreciates smart, scary vampire stories, this book is for you! Let me know your thoughts on The Quick in the comments below! And don’t forget to like, share, and follow to keep to up to date on future posts.

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