monthly favorites
Monthly Favorites

July Monthly Favorites 

This is going to be a very short, quick favorites, due to me being so busy this month!

First, I had a family reunion in Iowa and then I came home and discovered I had two weeks to pack as my husband was offered a new job and we are now moving cross-country in a week. But enough about my personal life, here’s my favorites:

Marie Antoinette Serial Killer: This was the only book I got through for the month, but I really enjoyed it. It was a silly, cheesy teen book. But, it was a lot of fun to read. I mean who couldn’t love a ghost Marie Antoinette come back as serial killer?

marie antoinette serial killer book
Source: Goodreads

Iowa: I only spent a couple of days in the middle of rural Iowa, but it was lovely. The quiet corn fields were very relaxing and I loved the small town feel.

Sasha Keable: She’s such an underrated London artist. Her voice is amazing and I feel she is a little comparable to Adele. Give her stuff a listen and I’m such you’ll enjoy it. I hope she blows up soon!

The Neighbourhood: I’ve loved this band ever since their single Sweater Weather came out about two years ago. And I had no idea that they had a dropped mix tape online, and for FREE!!! It came out late last year so I’m so late to the game on this one, but seriously guys it is amazing!!! I seriously can not stop listening and it’s becoming a problem.

Kat Von D Foundation: I know that i wrote a review for this earlier this year, and my review wasn’t a very positive one. But, I have been trying it out again lately since I have been breaking out lately and needed something that would really cover it up. I like it a lot more now that I am more tan and the color doesn’t seem to oxidize that bad. I will say that I got the second to last pale color and only now with a pretty decent tan can I wear it. It’s slightly too pale pale for me now, but with bronzer you can’t tell.

kat von d foundation make up

I hope you enjoyed this, even though I didn’t have much to share this month. Let me know some of your favorites this month in the comments below. And don’t forget to like and share this post, as well as follow the blog to keep up to date with future posts!

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