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Lashes and Lingerie Some Like It Hot

While summer may be coming to close, it doesn’t mean you have to stop sizzling. What better way too keep things hot and steamy then by spicing your closet up with some lingerie?

Here’s my idea of glamming it up with some Adore Me Lingerie:

adore me lingerie lashes some like it hot
This collage was created in both polyvore and picmonkey

The lingerie pictured above is Ann Marie, and it represents sexiness and simplicity all in one. To rock this set I would channel one of the sexiest icons of all time, Marilyn Monroe.

For makeup I would go simple and apply a cat eye and a sultry red lip.

Simply diamond studs is all the jewelry you’ll need, since the lingerie is the main focus.

Take a cue from Marilyn and apply a little Channel No. 5 for an added touch.

And lastly, pair it with a pair of sexy black heels, maybe with some lace as added above or choose something that more your style.

And if your looking for something with a little more spice, why not try the Kacie bikini?

kacie bikini adore me lingerie

If you loved the look of these lingerie sets, why not check out the Adore Me site? They have many more beautiful sets to choose from that I’m sure you will love.

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