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It’s About Health not Weight: Body Image Pressures

Let’s have some girl talk (a.k.a ramblings). Grab a cup of tea, coffee, or whatever you enjoy most and settle down for a chatty, from the heart post:

Every girl/woman deals with body issues, no one is immune. It’s a sick, dark thought in the back of our head at all time: You are ugly. You are not good enough. You need change this or that. But it’s in your mind, it’s not real. But if it’s not real, where did it come from?

1. From the Media: Everywhere you look there are pictures of very skinny women. From TV, magazines, movies, and the worst culprit in my mind: social media. There is a trend call fitspiration where people post pictures of themselves on social media in order to motivate others into getting fit. They post pictures of themselves in bikinis with super ripped muscles and six packs. And most document themselves working out all the time during the day. But, there is a massive problem with this, it’s not attainable no matter what they tell you. It’s not realistic for the majority of us to have an amazing six pack stomach, with perfectly toned muscles. Why? Because we have a life! This sounds harsh, but its true. Many of us have school, work, and family we have to spend time on. People who flaunt themselves as fitspiration don’t tell you all of the hard work that goes into looking like that. They don’t have normal lives. Their body is their whole life. It’s their hobby, job, love, everything. You don’t have to have a six pack to be healthy and attractive, And you definitely don’t have to work out half of the day. End of story.

2. From people we love: This is a very sad truth. Whether it’s your family or friends, people tend to talk about weight and diets all the time to everyone. They may even mention your weight and appearance and give their options on how to fix it. You don’t need to “fix” anything. If you are overweight, THAT’S OKAY! You’re not the only one, it’s normal. As long as you are eating healthy and move around you are fine. You should focus on feeling good, not a number on a scale.

I have a best friend that I love to pieces, but she has a  very bad habit. She is constantly talking about food (how much she eats, how good or bad it is) and comments on other peoples weight. Whether she knows them or not. This irks me to no end for many different reasons. People have different body shapes for different reasons, you don’t know someone’s life or body, so why judge? Also, as women it is important for us to focus our energy on lifting and inspiring other women, not tearing them down.

Everyone has those horrible thoughts in the back of their head telling them that there is something wrong with themselves. Whether it’s something physical or something else. And it is always wrong!!! Don’t believe this cruel voice that whispers to you when you’re vulnerable.

No one’s body is built the same. I have always believed this, but it was validated recently when I was talking to my doctor about how to eat healthy and keep a healthy weight. We were talking about diets and how the medical community has a strict standard about where a person should be weight wise based on sex and height. Let me tell you something: You height is not a measure for how much you should weigh! My doctor agrees. Some people are built to be more sturdy or more narrow, it doesn’t mean that you are unhealthy. Simply that you don’t “fit” into a chart. Everyone is different and unique, in how we see and react top the world. But also in our bodies, THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL. How boring would that be anyway?

So please remember: It’s far more important to focus on your health both physical and mental, then simply a number on scale. I’ll be doing a part 2 to this post soon on different, small ways to be more healthy.

P.S I love this quote! If you ever feel self-conscious or not good enough, read this and remember that there is someone(many people) who will love you for just the way you are. And there will always be haters, and people who you can’t please, so don’t beat yourself up about it and be yourself on the inside and out! ❤

qoute health weight

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