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Top Ten Tuesday

Vampires in Literature 101 Syllabus

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish,  is to make a syllabus of a class of our choice. I chose Vampires in Literature 101, and I think it’s a good topic because while they seem cliche today, they are actually very fascinating, complex creatures they are written in many different ways. There are also a lot of good, adult books about vampires that are not cheesy or considered romance.

Here are the books I would pick for my class:

1.The Quick

the quick book vampire
Source: Goodreads

The quick is a relatively new novel set in Victorian London and is a new take on the classic vampire. It’s abut a young man who finds himself unwilling wrapped up in a secretive club and their dark secret. It’s told through various point of views, including his sister who is desperately trying to find out what happened to him. I loved how it remains true to the classic idea of vampires, while being unique in the many supporting characters that pull this novel together.

2. Interview With The Vampire


This is a very well known vampire novel, and a great first read if you are just getting into the vampire genre. It’s told through the view of a vampire during an interview about his life story as vampire through the centuries and the many vampire character that he meets along the way.


twilight vampire book

This is another well known book, and while some may be quick to judge it and push it aside. This is a YA book that takes a new look at vampires and mixes it up a bit.

4.The Historian


This is personally one of my favorites, and while it is a long book, it is well worth the read. It draws from the classic vampire novel, Dracula, and has a story line that takes the reader all over the globe. It’s a great read for those who love to travel, and are interested in history as well. As, history place a big piece in the novel.



This is probably the book you think of when you think of vampires. Although this is not the first novel written about vampires, it really set the trend. It’s worth a read if you haven’t read it already.

6. A discovery of Witches

discovery witches book all souls trilogy

This is another favorite of mine, and it’s cast of characters include more than just vampires. This is another good one for those who love history as well.

7. Vampire Academy

vampire academy series book

This is another YA book, about a secret, private school for vampires and those training to protect them. It has a lot of Russian influence is a fun, action packed read.

8. Clockwork Angel


While there is not a lot of the vampire character in this book, he does make appearances throughout the series. This is a great action packed, steam punk themed read with paranormal aspects. And Bane, the vampire is really eclectic character.

9.The Vampire Diaries

the vampire diaries the awakening

These books now have their own TV show that has become very popular. But, I recommend that you read the books since you will see that there are quite a few differences.

10. Dead Until Dark

dead until dark true blood

This another book that had a show created after it, True Blood. While is book is spectacular and full of southern goodness, the others in the series fall flat for me. The show however, is excellent and a lot of fun to watch. Check it out and this first book for some vampire greatness.

Let me know what book you would add to list in the comment below! If you enjoyed this then please give it a like, share, and follow for more posts like this!

7 thoughts on “Vampires in Literature 101 Syllabus”

    1. Ha Ha Thanks! And if you liked those books, than you’ll love Vampire Academy too. It’s actually a really funny book.

  1. I would so take this class! I love vampire lit. Interview is a great starting point, that’s the book that got me hooked. I’ll definitely be adding some of these to my TBR list.

  2. Wow, it’s been ages since I read a Vampire book… should get onto that 🙂 Actually I need to read the last Discovery of Witches book!

    1. I actually need to read the last one too! But I love the series so much I’m not ready for it end, so I keep putting it off lol

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