monday musings
Monday Musings

Monday Musings

This will be a new feature on my site were I can be more personal and let you see a little bit into my personality and life. I love talking about makeup, clothing, and books. But, there is also a lot more to me than those material things. Sometimes these posts will be more serious and others it will just be something light and fluffy. My goals with Monday Musings is to become closer to my readers and get to you guys more! So please let me know your thoughts and what’s going on with you in the comments so we can get to know each other better!

Today, I don’t have anything serious to talk about, but I want to let you what’s been going on in my life for the past month or so. It was late July when my husband and I discovered we had a little over two weeks to move out of a townhouse in Mississippi and move up to Michigan. My husband had been applying for positions all over the country, and even overseas, as we were looking for a change of scenery. I truly love Mississippi, and if you haven’t visited the magnolia state yet you should put it on your list. However, we were feeling a bit stagnate and want to experience something new. While, Michigan wasn’t quite what I was expecting I was excited non the less!

monday musings
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As you can imagine, the two weeks of July were crazy and hectic. We were already planning to move out of our home, so while we had already began packing, we really had to speed it up. We also had to find a place to live and work out all the details for our new home while being states away. Luckily, we have family in Michigan who live close enough to our town and they were able to help us find the right place. We choose to rent since, we didn’t have the time or money to look at homes. It’s been a while since I’ve lived in an apartment and I forgot how paper then the walls can be! But, we are getting used to it and I’m loving Michigan.

While in Mississippi we were at least an hour away from everything, here were are only a couple minutes from anything you can think of and it’s great. Michigan is also beautiful, and Lake Michigan is just like being at the ocean, only you don’t have to about sharks! Another plus, almost no humidity! I no longer feel as if I’m drowning in my sweat everything I leave the house.

This move has taught me so much about myself, and I couldn’t be happier that we took the plunge and moved. We moved very far from our families. While, we now live close to my brother in law and his wife, we are now a plane’s ride away from everyone else. And although my husband had been here before and knew a couple people (the new job was with the same company he worked for in Mississippi, so he had traveled and worked here before on business trips) I came knowing no one, which was very scary. I wasn’t sure how I would adapt to a new place where I had no support except my husband. But, so far I’ve managed everything on my own have actually been less anxious than before the move.

We’ve only been here month (exactly one month tomorrow!) and I know many things will change in the coming months and there will be many more challenges. But, I’m ready for them and I’m more excited than ever to see what the future brings. My ending note for you is to take chances and risks. And get out of your comfort zone when ever you can, because great things are waiting for you on the other side!

Have any of you made a long distance move before? Were you by yourself or with family or friends? Did you have any trouble settling in? Let me know in the comments and we can talk about it! I look forward to hearing you guy’s stories!

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