kate moss rimmel london

Kate Moss with Rimmel London| My Thoughts*

*I received these products via Influenster in return for an honest review.

kate moss rimmel london

I’m a huge fan of Rimmel London and have been buying their products for close to 10 years now. I have always enjoyed the quality of the products they sell, also that the price is something that I can actually afford. So, i was very excited when I received two for their new products they created with Kate Moss. I have been eyeing the Kate Moss Lipsticks for a while now, but hadn’t actually gotten around to buying one. However, I had I never heard of the Kate Moss Mascara and I very interested to try it out.

First, The Lipstick:

kate moss rimmel london lipstick

I received the color Blank which is a peachy color. I have to admit that the color doesn’t compliment my skin tone, but it still a beautiful color in general. The color goes on smooth and the consistent is moisturizing, and not at all drying. I really like it, but like most Rimmel lipsticks it needs to be reapplied after through out the day, especially after eating.

Second, The Mascara:

kate moss rimmel london mascara

Oh, my! This is where I got very confused. The mascara wand is described as half of a heart shape. Why Rimmel thought this was a good idea, I don’t know. The shape makes it impossible to apply it your lashes, and more of the product gets on your eyelid and around the eye than the actual lashes. And the formula was a problem for me too.  It was was a bit runny and didn’t length my lashes very well, which is what I want from my mascara.

My overall thoughts is that the lipsticks are great and I can’t wait to get more colors. I’ve heard a lot about the reds in the Kate Moss collection so I’ll probably check them out next. But, stay away from the mascara! It’s not worth the money!

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