Silver in the Blood book review
Book Review

Silver in the Blood Book Review

This would make a perfect read for the upcoming Halloween holiday season. I personally love scary/gothic books and read them all year long. This was just released recently is about two cousins from high society New York in the 1800s leaving for Romania to learn more about their family history.

Silver in the Blood book review
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When I saw the cover for this and read the synopsis on a website way before it was even released, I knew I had to have this book. There is just not well written historical supernatural books. So going into it I had very high hopes that it would be good. And for the most part, it lived up to my expectations.

The first thing that really popped out to me and made me fall in love was the setting. I had no idea that 1800’s Budapest was such a big destination for the wealthy. And the cities and Romania were described in wonderful detail, it really made me want to travel back to eastern Europe again, and visit these places. I could tell the author really did her research on the areas and the history.

The second thing I loved was how the book made connections with the story that obviously inspired it. The main villain in a descendant of the Dracula, but my favorite way it was alluded to was the mystery behind The Claw, The Smoke, and The Wing. Each of these relates to a form the Dracula can make himself into in the orig anal novel. I wouldn’t spoil the answer as to what it means in this book, but it’s a nice Easter egg for lovers of the original.

Overall, I really loved this book! There are two main female characters, Lou Lou and Dacia, and I feel like most readers will be able to relate to one or the other fairly well. I personally, took more to Lou Lou. The whole cast of charters are great through, including Prince Dracula, and there are simply too may to mention. Another part I liked was the use of letters and diary entries throughout the book. But this was also my one and only problem with it as well. Some of these entries made no sense, simply because there would be no time to write them. So some of them actually out put me out of the story a little bit. But, in the end I would describe this book as having wonderful gothic atmosphere, a good and not eye-roll worthy mystery, and simply very addictive.



Let me know if you plan or reading this or if you have already. And also give me some recommendations for historical, gothic novels. I can never read enough!

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