YSL rouge pur couture

All Gold Everything: YSL Rouge Pur Couture*

*I received these products via Influester for free in return for an honest review.

In my last YSL post I mentioned how I had always dreamed of owning a YSL lipstick. As of that post I still had not made that dream a reality, however today is another story. And I’m here to tell you about two of YSL’s new Rouge Pur Couture lipsticks.

I received two beautiful colors, Fuchsia and Rose Stiletto. These are perfect colors to get together, because one is more bright, perfect for spring/summer or nights out. And the other is more neutral and perfect for fall/winter and can be worn during day, especially at work.

Fuchsia is (obviously) a very bright fuchsia color that is not for the faint of heart. When I first put it I was surprised at how pigmented and in your face it is. I love it, it’s edgy and a lot of fun!

YSL rouge pur couture

Rose Stiletto is a deep rose color, almost a brown tone, that is on the more natural side. I’ve been obsessed with this color and wear it all the time. It’s the perfect shade that gives your lips a pop of color, but can be worn throughout the day and is soft enough to be work appropriate. And since the color borders brown, it’s a great way to get on board the 90s’ makeup trend that is making it’s way back.

YSL rouge pur couture

The first thing I want to mention is the beautiful packaging. It’s all gold, with the YSL logo printed on it, very sleek. It’s actually a bit heavy in the hand, which makes it feel more sturdy. My favorite part though is that it has a very tight seal when closed, and there is no way the top will come off. So no need to worry about putting this in your purse for touch ups. Overall, I was extremely impressed with the quality and look of them straight out of the box.

Now, as for the lipsticks themselves I have a lot to talked about. Right off the bat, when I opened these I noticed it was scented. The sent is strong, so if you like your lipsticks non-scented, then these are not for you. However, the scent is very nice. It’s not sweet, it smells like a very high end perfume. I like it, and it’s something that adds to the luxury of it.

ysl rouge pur coutureSecondly, when trying these on I noticed how smooth they are. I mean, WOW! Silky is the perfect word to describe how they feel on the lips. Every time I wear one of them, I can’t stop moving my lips around because they feel so good. The formula feels moisturizing and doesn’t dry out my lips. The only draw back of this is that since it is smooth and silky, it WILL transfer. You will have to touch these up throughout the day, more specifically after eating or drinking. If you don’t do much of that throughout the day, then it should stay in place.

At $36.00 a piece, I know that these are very expensive for lipsticks, and some may be conflicted on whether or not they are worth the price. I will admit, that I am usually cheap when it comes to lipsticks and tend to stick to drugstore brands, but after experiencing these, I understand the reasoning for purchasing luxury brand makeup. The quality of these are beyond anything I’ve tried before. The packaging is beautiful, but also practical. The formula is delicious, soft, creamy, and you will never want to take it off. And while it does transfer while you eat or drink, it was last throughout the rest of the day.

My overall rating is


Now it’s your turn to tell me what you think! Would you pay this much for lipsticks? Why or why not? And let me know if you’ve tried these before and felt the same!

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