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Becomimg Darkness Book Review*

*I received a review copy of this book through NetGalley and Switch Press. This was not presented to me, I asked for it specifically in return for a HONEST review.

becoming darkness

Author: Lindsay Francis Brambles

Pages: 496

Published: October 1st 2015

The moment I heard the premise of this novel i knew it was going t be something special. Vampire Nazis!? What!? Yes Please! This was the book i never knew I wanted. I mean come on, it mixes my two favorite genres. In this novel, the allies never won the war, instead a virus was released that either killed someone or turned them into a vampire, or vamp as the book calls them. Not only did it turn Hitler into a vamp, but it changed history completely and the Nazis never lost the war. Now those few who are immune to the virus live in a tense truce with the vamps on their own island named Haven. here is where we meet our heroine Sophie who after a tragedy begins to dig to deep into secrets, leading her on a path she never expected and can never come back from.

Now tell me, how can that not make you want to go out and grab this book right now? First, to start off my review I want to be superficial and talk about the look. The cover is beautiful and really pops up at you. it was the 1st thing that grabbed my attention and I think Switch Press did a wonderful job on it. Second, and more important in my mind, was the design of the eBook. Most of the time, eBooks are simple and don’t have any special fonts and designs, even if the print book does. But this one used fonts very well and it worked well with the story. It also included the cover and back cover, which were great added touches and really made it stand out.

For the actual story, I have to admit I had very high expectations and read it around Halloween because I was hoping that it would be scary. While didn’t find it scary exactly, it was heart pounding in the way of a fast paced thriller. Even though it did have a few slow moments for me, for the most part this is very action filled. There were many parts when I just couldn’t put it down no matter how inconvenient (there were many hours that I should have I spent doing productive thing but instead read this). There is a lot of information thrown at you, so I warn you to take your time reading this so you can put the pieces together later. Also, if you’re looking forward to a vampire Hitler then you will be disappointed. He’s more of a small background player in this book, but the ending left room for a second book so hopefully he will show up in the next one (fingers crossed!). Over all, this was a great book jam packed with action, mystery, and vamps. I loved all of the characters, although I felt like the main ‘bad guy’ could have been more developed. I finished feeling like I didn’t really know much about them. But, our main characters Sophie and Val were crafted perfectly and I felt a connection to them for the whole book. They’re are many more amazing characters, so many in fact that I can’t talk about them all so they will be a surprise for you when you pick up a copy. 😉

My Final Review:


The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was due to the fact that i felt like the antagonists were a little underdeveloped.

Let me what your thoughts are in the comments and if Nazi Vampires are interesting to you as well!

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