December Favorites


Source: Goodreads

Okay, I know I’m way behind on this one, everyone has been raving about this book series and TV series for a while. I had actually bought this about a year ago and just never had time to read it. Well, it just so happened to be the 1st book my book club chose. And now I’m mad I didn’t pick it up sooner. Love, Love, Love it!!! I can’t wait to review this for guys here soon ❤

Fuzzy House Socks


Living in Michigan has been quite a change, especially now that we’re in winter. It’s obviously a lot colder here than it was in Mississippi and one thing that has helped is fuzzy house socks. They’re basically all I wear, even outside of the house. They are so comfy and make me feel so cozy when its cold and snowy outside. One of my friends sent me this pair as a Christmas present, and I think they’re my new favorite pair. I mean it’s pandas, how can you not love them??

Scotty Mug


So holidays are over now, but I’m using this mug. I love Scotties and this was just too cute to resist buying for myself. Anything with dogs on them make smile to be honest.

Starbucks Caramel Brulee Drink

Just writing this makes me sad because this flavor is gone now, and I miss it so bad! What was your favorite Starbucks holiday drink?

White Christmas


I’m so thankful and blessed that I was able to spend Christmas in Denver with my dad and his wife. Funnily enough, we had even seen snow on the ground yet, even though we live in Michigan now. The best part was spending Christmas day in a cabin in the Rockies. And it snowed all day! I couldn’t believe it! It was so beautiful, and it was my 1st white Christmas in a long time.

Fairy Lights


I don’t know why we waited so long to buy fairy lights, we absolutely love them. We strung them across our headboard and use them every night. The cast a magical glow across the room make it extra comfy and homey.

Letting Go

So I have been working as Infant and Toddler Caregiver at a local Montessori Daycare since September. I truly enjoyed the work and all the kids I was lucky enough to take care of everyday. However, I managed to stay sick (I mean really sick) through out the whole time I worked. I had fevers weekly, was in and out of urgent care, and basically spent my free time in bed crying. I do have an autoimmune disorder, and while I was aware it would have an effect on me, I didn’t realize how much. So after suffering for months, I finally decided to put myself first and put in my two weeks notice. It’s scary to be with out a job, but I have already noticed an improvement in my health so it was well worth it!

What were your December favorites? I would love to know how your holidays were too! Talk to me in comments below and please like, share, and follow ❤

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