Valentia Clay Mask: My Thoughts*

I’m always looking for a new way to make my pamper nights a little bit better. I love to grab a glass of wine, light some candles and take and nice bath to relax. And my favorite thing to do while taking a bath is to put on a face mask. It always makes me feel like I’m at a spa. Today was just a bad day, on top of getting a bad sleep, getting lost around town, and having to speed through some work before dinner it turns out the gift I bought my mother got lost in transit!!! It’s been worked out now, and there’s a very slim chance she may get it in time(but probably not) but I need a nice way to relax and spoil myself tonight.

And I choose to do so by trying out my new Valentia Skin Detoxifying Mask. The first thing I noticed was the strong smell that most masks have. It’s not a bad smell, not great either but it’s strong. However, that’s pretty normal. It felt nice and smooth going on. You keep it on for 15-20 minutes and simply relax while it does its magic. 

Me rocking my mask while relaxing

I waited about 18 minutes and then  washed it off. I was honestly amazing at how soft and full my skin felt. Usually my sling just feels cleaner after using a clay mask, but I genuinely was impressed with how smooth my skin is(I still can’t stop touching my face!) 

I would totally recommend this to a friend or anyone looking for a new clay mask. The great about this brand is that they are cruelty free and use natural ingredients. It’s also alcohol and paraben free. 

My review:

5 stars 

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*I received this product in return for a honest review. All the opinions are mine and mine alone. 

2 thoughts on “Valentia Clay Mask: My Thoughts*”

    1. Definitely! I used it again just last night! and I haven’t made a post about it yet, I just got told last night, but may 16-June 1st you can get 35% off any item on if you use the code REFRESH35 🙂

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