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April Favorites

Wonderland by Amily Shen

This is came out recently and I’ve been seeing everywhere from my local independent book store to Target. So expect to see this around, and yes it’s completely worth the hype. I’m in love with this coloring book! It’s beautiful and whimsical, it’s been a fun way to wind down after a crazy day.

Local Art

I bought this while visiting family in Mississippi. I was missing home and wanted to buy some local art work to bring back to Michigan. I loved this little canvas and it’s now proudly sitting in my living room.


I am obsessed with this my SK II Facial Treatment Essence, it feels so good every time I put it on. And I feel like it make my skin glow. It’s an oil, but it sinks in really quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

Learn German Momente in Munich


So I took three semesters of German back in college and have tried to keep using using so that I don’t lose my ability to speak it. But it’s been hard and I’ve hadn’t been practicing it for about a year and noticed that I couldn’t remember a lot of what I used to know. So I decided to was going to take the time to brush up on it and try to read stories instead of taking classes or using learning apps. And I loved reading this! I was amazed at how much I was able to recall and understand and I had fun doing so. For anyone trying to learn a foreign language or maintain it, I totally recommend reading as way to do so. And this in particular is great! I can’t wait to pick up the others in this series and plus it’s really affordable as well.

Fitbit Flex

My husband and I have been on a health kick lately and are making an honest effort at making a lifestyle change. We are using Nerd Fitness, which is a fun way to get into shape. Basically, you make yourself into a character, like you would in a video game, and you go on quests to level up. And to make small changes we bough these to keep as aware of how much we are moving, sleeping, eating, etc. These are older, cheaper models but I love it and think it’s the perfect fit for us.

Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling


This is Mindy Kaling’s 2nd book and it was a funny insight into her life. She has a whole section showing her typical work day, which was my favorite part. Mostly, this book is more of advice based on her experiences, but it’s funny as well. I didn’t like as much as her 1st one, I felt like it was a bit all over the place, but still fun to read.

Valentina Detoxifying Clay Mask

I love using masks, I don’t get to go spas very often(never!) so putting on a face mask is my way to pamper myself. This one is a detoxifying mask, and it feels nice and cool to put on. You put it on for 15-20 and it drys up over the time. When I washed it off I couldn’t believe how soft and firm my skin felt. This will definitely be my go to mask when I need a bit of a pick me up.

YSL Lipstick in Rose Stiletto

YSL rouge pur couture

Usually I go for bright and vibrant colors around this time of year, but  have been loving the more natural, toned down look this year. And this color is the perfect everyday color. It’s neutral, but really makes your lips pop and stand out.

Creme Brulee Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks had a similar flavor over Christmas time and I probably bought a cup everyday, no shame! But it was only over the holidays, which made me so sad when I couldn’t get it anymore. So when I saw that they had just brought out a K-cup version, you I grabbed that box straight off the shelf. It’s the exact same, but it’s still yummy and the smell is AMAZING! Seriously, I think the smell is my favorite part, I’m so strange.

L’Oreal Lumi Cushion Foundation

I’ve been talking about this for a couple of month now, and it’s still my favorite. I’ve tried to experiment with other foundations but keep coming back to this one. It’s so natural and make me look glowy and nice, without looking over done. I’m actually running out of product and will have to repurchase soon!

NYX Concealer Sticks

I use these every time I put on makeup and they truly make me look flawless. I put the green on any red area, the purple I use as a highlighter and put on my cheeks, nose, cupids bow, chin, and forehead…so basically everywhere. And then the tan is my under eye and usual concealer.

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