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Sk-II Facial Essence and Mask Review

I had heard of this brand before, specifically from ThatsHeart who has been raving about it for a long time. So I was very excited when I found out that I was getting a chance to try it out myself. I received the facial essence and the mask. This is a luxury brand, so I expected the results to be very noticeable, considering the price.

The first time I used the facial essence, I was impressed with how quickly the oil absorbed into my skin. It didn’t sit on my face or feel greasy. And immediately I saw a difference in my skin. It was much more bright and glowing. My skin felt tight as well. I used this product over a week to see if there was a change on my face. Unfortunately, my face has been breaking out like crazy lately! I’m not sure if it is from the oil or if it is stress related, which is very possible. The site says it’s supposed to help clear skin and make spots less noticeable. I didn’t see this with my own skin, but every skin type is different this may have been caused by outside sources. I did feel like it made my skin more bright and youthful looking though. The first few days of using it, I actually didn’t feel like I needed foundation, because my skin looked so nice.

My skin after 1st application

Overall for the facial essence I rate it:


I waited a few weeks to try to the facial mask because, honestly I only had one and I wanted to save it for a special occasion. However, no such occasion happened but I did have a day where I was really stressed out so I decided to use it then. The mask has a gel like treatment on it so it was cooling and very relaxing. However, you do look terrifying while using it.

Scary mask face

Immediately after using the mask my skin looked brighter and more glowing. It felt firm and toned. I really enjoyed this mask and thought there was a difference in my skin. I feel like it I used this one weekly basis my skin would look amazing!

Skin after the mask

I rate the treatment mask:


I took off a star for the price, I know this is a luxury product but I think it should be more affordable.

Do I think these products are worth purchasing? To be honest I’m not sure, while they were nice, I’m not that the results were dramatic enough for me to want to throw down $100. If you’re very into skincare and prefer luxury products, then I think you would really enjoy these products. However, for those on a budget I would recommend really doing your research before deciding to purchase these.

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*Thanks to influenster and SK-II for allowing me to try these in return for a honest review.


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