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All The Light We Cannot See Book Review

Wow, this was such an incredibly heavy book. I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions I was going to experience throughout reading it. World War II is a dark and complex subject as it is and it is made even more so by the use of the POV of children.

all light we cannot see bok
Source: Goodreads

530 Pages

Published May 6th 2014

This book lulled me in with a false sense of security. The chapters were short and easy to read. There was a slight whimsy to the narrative and the happiness(or at least comfort) of the children made me feel like this may not be the extremely depressing book everyone was talking about. But nope, as the story went on it got more and more real. Although sad, the story was amazing and took the reader to so many places and emotions. I felt like a wreck after finishing this book, but in a good way.

This has to be one of the most developed stories I’ve read in a long time. The two narratives were great in that they allowed the reader to see the war from two very unique perspectives. It was also interesting to read through the point of view of a blind girl. I thought it was very well done and made it unlike anything I’ve read before. This book showed the horrors of WWII but also added some special moments to show how strong people can be in the worse of times. Even though this was dark and wasn’t afraid to push you to the edge, it also gave me hope. And I think that was the point, that people can do extraordinary things in times were many were forced into hiding and conformity. There was also a bit of fantasy mixed in which added some lightness to the story, but also left me a bit confused.

I will admit I didn’t like the end, it was a little too depressing for my taste and left me feeling like I didn’t get closure on the characters. It wasn’t the wrap up that I was hoping and expecting for. But, unfortunately in real life we don’t get the happy ending and that is true for fictional ones as well.

This is a very popular book, so if you’ve read this please let me know what you thought of it.

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*Now while I did receive a review copy of this book it expired before I read it so I actually bought this book as well and that’s the book this review is based on.

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