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Best Books of the Year Perfect for Halloween Reading 

So many amazing books have been published this year in 2016, many of them perfect for reading around Halloween time. This is a simple list aimed at giving inspiration for your October reading, I hope you find something you like! (While most of these were released this year, some are from late 2015 too.)

And I Darken

Although it’s fiction, it looks more at the real story of Vlad the Impaler, who was the inspiration for Dracula. However, there’s a twist: Vlad is girl. This book has something for everyone! Action, history, and romance. This is a must read!

Via Goodreads

The Merciless II

I have gotten a chance to pick this one up yet unfortunately. But I read the first one around Halloween last year and it was a great horror book, perfect for the season. And I’m sure this one won’t disappoint.

Via Goodreads

The Curse of the Bruel Coven

Set in New Orleans, the atmosphere screams Halloween. The book is about a girl who discovers she a witch and has connections with an ancestor. There’s also vampire in the mix, so you know you want to check it out!

Via Goodreads

Fairest of All

Note: This book it actually from 2009, but it part of a series that is still going! I picked this one because I’ve read it. But the latest book Poor Unfortunate Soul just came out. This is the background story of the Evil Queen from Snow White. I personally have always loved villains and this book was a light read that was also pretty dark. If you love Disney, then you will love this book.

Via Goodreads

The Dark Days Club

Even the title screams Halloween. This book is both dark and funny with romance thrown in. I absolutely loved it! It’s about a club who make sure that supernatural creatures stay in there place and don’t hurt humans. But there’s so much more and I don’t want to spoil anything.

Via Goodreads

With Malice

This more of a mystery and thriller, if horror and the supernatural isn’t your thing. A girl wakes up with no memory, but learns that her best friend is dead. Did she have something to do with it? Partly set in Italy this was a quick read that kept me guessing. Perfect if you liked We Were Liars.

Via Goodreads

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Come on. I don’t even have to explain this one!

Via Goodreads

Stalking Jack the Ripper 

This book just came out, so I haven’t gotten to read this one either. But it looks fantastic and focuses on Jack the Ripper, what more Halloween then that?

Via Goodreads


My lady Jane

This isn’t a typical Halloween Read. It’s not dark in the horror way, but it still has some dark themes. Mainly it’s hilarious! So if you can’t handle scary at all, this will be the perfect read for you.

Via Goodreads

Did I miss a book? Let me know in the comments if you think another book should have been on this list!

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