February Faves

Psst: This actually include favorites from January too šŸ™‚

Greyhound Cult

So the biggest thing to happen this month was getting our beautiful hound Tara. We sadly lost our sweet dachshund Peeta in early November, and I still miss him dearly. We had been looking to adopted a retired racer for about a year, and felt it was time. We are now proud members of the greyhound cult. She’s 3, ran in 7 races, and is now the world best cuddle buddy.

Self Help Books

I never ever read self help books. It’s rare that I even read nonfiction period. But this year has already seen me read two of them. The Highly Sensitive Person and The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck.

Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles

I read Interview with The Vampire way back in high school. I loved it but became too busy to finish the next book. This year I picked up the next book in the series, The Vampire Lestat, and became obsessed. I read right though to book 5. I’m still reading the series, currently on #6, The Vampire Armand.

The Happiness Planner

I love planners and for the past few years I have bought one and used it as journal for the rest of the year. Last year I began writing 1 thing a day I was thankful for and I feel like truly helped shape my point of view in a positive way. This journal asks you do that and so much more. If looking to make a positive impact in your life, this app is the perfect place to start. There is also a real, paper version of this planner as well.

Chloe Morello Beauty Haul

I’m in love this package! I use the palette everyday, as well as the mascara that came with it. Expect a review to come soon!

Kitty Mug

My friend just left to teach English in South Korea. She came to visit from Reno before she left. We bought this kitty mug as a best friend reminder.

Image may contain: indoor

That’s it for this month. What were some of you favorites of February? Let me know in the comments below!

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