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June Favorites

Swim Suit I bought this cute two piece at Target Wine and Canvas This was so much fun! I went with a group of friends and I can wait to go back to do it again! crest whitening strips I have very sensitive teeth so i was scared to whiten my teeth. However, years of… Continue reading June Favorites

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April Favorites

Wonderland by Amily Shen This is came out recently and I've been seeing everywhere from my local independent book store to Target. So expect to see this around, and yes it's completely worth the hype. I'm in love with this coloring book! It's beautiful and whimsical, it's been a fun way to wind down after… Continue reading April Favorites

Monthly Favorites

Winter to Spring Favorites Part 1

It's been a few months since I posted a favorites, so I have a huge back of things I would love to share with you. And even though it is officially spring, here in Michigan it is still cold and is actually snowing! Yes, it's April and it's snowing, this southerner is very unhappy. So… Continue reading Winter to Spring Favorites Part 1

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2015 Favoites of the Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year has been amazing for you, I know it's been a crazy one for me. To celebrate the end of the year, here's my favorite things I enjoyed this year: Favorite Reads: Silver in the Blood The Quick The Madman's Daughter Is Everyone Hanging out without Me? Jackaby… Continue reading 2015 Favoites of the Year

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Fall Favorites 2015 Tag

Sadly, Fall in coming to and end and winter is quickly approaching. However, I'm still enjoying the changing leaves and the crisp air. And since this is my favorite time of year, I thought I would do this tag and share my Fall favorites with you. Favorite Candle Fall scents are my favorite so I… Continue reading Fall Favorites 2015 Tag

monthly favorites
Monthly Favorites

September Favorites

Get Ready for the longest post of your life! There are so many things I want to share with you this month, it's almost insane. So grab a cup of coffee, tea, or my seasonal favorite hot chocolate and make yourself comfortable. iPad Mini   I bought this for work purposes, and I tried desperately… Continue reading September Favorites